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Product Principles
Using Customer Data
Product Roadmaps
Avoid Becoming a
'Feature Factory'
When Moving Fast Helps
Managing Products at Scale

Product Management TACTICS is packed full insights from the most highly respected product leaders around today.

Each book features contributions gleaned from presentations made at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, held each year in Cleveland, Ohio in the Fall and Dublin, Ireland in the Spring. We've captured the highlights, dissecting the most critical points just for you. In most cases, we even include links to the live presentations so you can continue the learning.
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Exclusive Insights From Talks Given By:

Ash Maurya
Creator of Lean Canvas
Brian Norgard
Former Chief Product Officer at Tinder
Des Traynor
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom
Jason Fried
Co-founder & CEO of Basecamp
Jimena Almendares
VP Global Expansion at Intuit
Melissa Perri
CEO at ProdUX Labs
Scott Belsky
VP of Product at Adobe
Paul Adams
VP of Product at Intercom
Rich Mironov
Smokejumper Product Executive
Nikita Miller
Group Product Manager Trello at Atlassian
Jessica Tiwari
VP of Product Management at Upwork
Ryan Singer
Chief Strategy Officer at Basecamp
Volume 1:

Get insights from renowned product leaders at companies like Square, Basecamp, and the ReWired Group, and:

Understand customer problems
Change the way you prioritize feature development
Master SaaS Pricing
Build a product strategy from the ground up
Volume 2:

Get insights from renowned product leaders at companies like Intercom, Tinder, and Intuit, and:

Set principles in place to guide your product decisions
Become data-informed
Think through building out customer roadmaps
Avoid becoming a 'Feature Factory'
Volume 3:

Get insights from renowned product leaders at companies like Atlassian, Upwork, and Walmart and:

Find product-market-fit
Move up into product leadership
Learn how to make your market work for you
Build and scale products in a large enterprise company.

TACTICS is brought to you by Product Collective and Pragmatic Institute. Product Collective is an online community of 25,000+ Product Managers from around the world, and organizers of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, held in Cleveland, Ohio each Fall and Dublin, Ireland in the spring.

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